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CGI Animated Short Film Nightfall Short Film by NCCA Bournemouth Students - Davide Pieropan, Felix Benning, Paris Marin, Bade Timuroglu, Chia-Ying (Kate) Kuo, Featured on "Dolly is a sweet little girl, who enjoys playing with her toys and drawing. That night, she wakes up from her sweet dreams with a rustling noise behind her. She does not specifically know what lurks in her room but she can hear the growling and a cold breath on the back of her neck. Is there anything else she can do but hide under her blanket to protect herself from the monster? Nightfall is a master project made by five students from NCCA Bournemouth University in 2016 Credit: Felix Benning - animation, riggin Paris Marin - Environment Design, Environment Modelling, Animation, Camera Blocking, Editing Davide Pieropan - Project Manager, Storyboarding, Character Design, Character Modelling, Character Texturing, Character Shading, Gun Effect Bade Timuroglu - Original Concept, Character rigging, Cloth simulation, Props Rigging Chia-Ying (Kate) Kuo - Props Modelling, Environment Texturing, Environment Shading, Lighting, Compositing, Rendering

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