January 16, 2020

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Horror Short Film "Goodbye" | Presented by ALTER

November 29, 2019

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The Balsley House

March 2, 2018



Once featured on national newpapers with the headline reading “Marriage a failure”, a frightening Farmhouse in Sanford Florida with a frightful past, is now being revived.  It is one of the oldest surviving structures left in this area that has withstood the hands of time.  The property this house stands on was once the passage crossing of the longest narrow gauge railway in the USA.  It’s revival has compelled me to inform you of the history of a murder suicide that took place long ago in the late 1800’s.

Before I go into the gruesome details of what took place the night of September 27, 1893 I will first tell you about the original owners of this house and Property.  John and Annie Balsley was a couple from NY/PA. In 1878, John Balsley received a grant of 142 acres for land issued by the state of Florida. He and his wife Annie Balsley became very wealthy through their citrus crop fortune.

Later in the years Annie grew very tired of her marriage to John. The two were extremely unhappy and constantly argumentative with one another. Despite the fortune and success they acquired on September 27, 1893 Annie went upstairs to the bedroom w