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Dexter Williams

Guttings and slaughtertations my horror loving fiends. Today we have a special guest guaranteed to chill your skin. Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from?

My name is Dexter Williams, and I'm a screenwriter from Durham, North Carolina.

How long have you’ve been writing horror scripts?

I have been writing horror scripts for a decade (ten years)

What draws you to the genre?

What draws me to the genre is the concept of having the living daylights scared out of me. Fear of the unknown is very appealing to me, and I love to write screenplays that explore that concept in a most unique way.

Tell us about your “Enslavement” series?

"Enslavement" is a trilogy of scripts about a group of Goth girls who form a dangerous cult that worships a pagan goddess, and they use hypnosis and mind control to make their victims perform bloody ritual sacrifices to please their goddess and bring her into our world. The first screenplay, and the entire trilogy for that matter, was inspired by five amazing performances: Fairuza Balk in "The Craft", Kim Director in "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2", Parker Posey in "Blade: Trinity", Sophia Bush in "Stay Alive", and Dakota Fanning in "The Twilight Saga: New Moon".

What is “Demon Crystal” about?

"Demon Crystal" is about a naïve teen occultist who is desperate to contact her recently deceased father. One day a gypsy, who knows of the teen's predicament, stops by the occult shop our main character works at and gives her a mysterious crystal ball that could aid the teen in contacting the dead. However, when she uses the crystal ball she unknowingly opens a gateway for releasing the otherworldly demons she must vanquish in order to save her mother and friends.

How about “Mistresses of Sleep?”

"Mistresses of Sleep" is about a young lady who is plagued by recurring nightmares of death and destruction. One day she is given an unusual invitation to visit one of three mysterious hypnotists to unlock the secret of those nightmares. This script was inspired by Italian actress Monica Bellucci after seeing her as the villainess in "The Brothers Grimm". I created a pivotal role in the script specifically for Monica.

What are your goals for your screenplays?

My goals for the scripts I have written is to have them made into memorable feature films, and to bring to an audience stories that are unique, otherworldly, and (of course) scary.

Have you won any festivals for them?

I have had the good fortune to have a few of my scripts receive recognition from some major film festivals. "Demon Crystal" was a Semi-Finalist in the Southeastern International Film Festival and the Sacramento International Film Festival, as well an Official Selection in the Fright Night Film Fest. "Mistresses of Sleep" was also an Official Selection in the Fright Night Film Fest and a Semi-Finalist in the Sacramento International Film Festival. And it not only was an Official Selection in the Oaxaca Filmfest in Mexico, it was even nominated for three awards: Best Original Concept, Best Horror Script, and the top prize -- Best Overall Script. And "Enslavement" became an Official Selection in the Underground Indie Film Festival.

Are any of them produced or in production?

"Demon Crystal" and the entire "Enslavement" trilogy were recently optioned by an up-and-coming production company called Pulse Pounding Productions. They will be shopped to some major studios and indie companies specializing in the horror genre in the hope that they will be produced one day.

Tell me about some of your short scripts?

My short scripts all have hypnosis playing a pivotal role in the stories: "Curse of the Scorpion Ring" is about a young lady who steals an ancient Egyptian ring from a local museum and pays a horrible price for it. "Fear the Clowns" is about a lady who visits a hypnotherapist to get to the root of her nightmares of being chased by sadistic clowns. "Slave in the Spotlight" is about two best friends whose night-out-on-the-town takes a dark turn when they go to a nightclub to see an alluring hypnotist's act. And "The Hypnotic Trap" is about a teenage girl who gets hypnotized by a mysterious woman-in-black into staying at her mansion, where a terrible fate awaits the teen.

Love the titles you choose…What is your inspiration for your scripts?