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Hello Boils and Ghouls, I hope you have been enjoying our terrorific content. I am especially loving our interviews, they are such tasty morsels. Yum.

You may have thought that I am writing you today to invite you to my home where you will meet your horrific demise, but that is not the case . . . well . . . maybe next time. No, I am writing to ask you for your help. You see, our expenses are rising faster than my beloved moon and keeping you satisfied with all our content - as well as my appetite - has become an expensive treat - or so my accountant started to tell me before I ripped his throat out for bothering me with such mortal concerns.

Reflecting back, after he was deliciously digested in my stomach, I realized I probably should have listened to him more. C'est la vie.

Looking around my devilish fortress I realize he might have been correct. I have pretty much eaten all of my precious staff - such good hardworking people with families. Of course I had to eat their families as well. They kept pestering me with uninteresting questions like "Where are my loved ones?" I am Slaughter Cin, Goddess of Gore, I have no time for your crazy rants and insignificant questions.

But I digress as I digest. Back to the subject at hand.

The one of the few staff members I have left - which is all skin and bones so he wouldn't be tasty at all - suggested starting a Patreon page, where we can offer you some horrific prizes in exchange for your contributions. It would be a way to keep our site alive as well as provide you with new original content that you can't see anywhere else. It would be a way to keep you satisfied with all your horror needs and keep me from starting a new hunting ground in your neighborhood. It is a win win for me and your family.

Visit our Patreon page and learn more of our Ghastly Gifts as I go tend to my meals . . . uh . . . my staff. Running so low that the skinny one is not looking too bad. Oh and don't forget to watch his video . . . it might be his last.

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