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Peter Anthony Dorsey

Peter Anthony Dorsey

A horrifying hello to all my horror fiends out there and welcome to another hexciting blood filled meal uh I mean interview. Please introduce yourself, where you are from and what you do?

Hello, First of all thanks for having me. I am honored to be here. My name is Peter Anthony Dorsey and I am the Production Manager on the new Friday The 13th fan film Vengeance. I also have an acting role in the movie but I can't elaborate more on that or I will have to kill you. I live in Connecticut.

Can you tell us about your F-13 (vengeance) film and what it’s about (little backstory)?

Vengeance takes place 30 years after part 6 and is the continuation of the Friday the 13th franchise story. We follow Angelica Jarvis, daughter of infamous Tommy Jarvis, as she discovers and tests the limits of the truth about the Jason Voorhees legend. Vengeance also debuts the long awaited introduction of Elias Voorhees, Jason's father (played by CJ Graham). Our aim is to bring a very unique story that will keep you guessing till the very end.

I'm a fan of Jason Voorhees and the F-13 Franchise...What inspired you and your team to make this film? Why Friday the 13th?

Speaking for myself, I am a HUGE fan of Friday The 13th. I remember sneaking downstairs when I was 6 years old to watch them on HBO or late night on regular T.V. My parents thought I was nuts. You have to remember this is when horror was taboo in a sense. Much different than today's culture of it being "cool" to be a horror fan/freak. I would buy tickets for movies around the same time as F13th movies and sneak out of them and into F13. I just had to see them. In my adolescence I have become a collector massing about $100K of F13 masks, signatures and merchandise. So when I was approached to help make this film, my answer was an emphatic yes. As far as Jeremy Brown (Director) and Jason Brooks (Jason Voorhees) they also are life long fans. I have worked with them for a while now and their love and passion for this franchise is un matched. So to answer your question I think we would substitute "love" for inspiration. That's how strongly we feel.

What are your plans for the film once completed?

Our first obligation is to the fans the Indiegogo or Kickstarter that we roll out. From there on it's DVD and Blu Ray releases, You Tube and movie premieres around the states. We also will begin to have booths at conventions starting on January 5th and 6th of 2019 at the Walker Stalker Con in Portland Oregon. Make sure and come by and see us. We will have our Jason in full costume for photo opps and some great give aways.

There have been many Friday the 13th fan films made. What in your opinion do you think separates you from the rest? What makes this one special?

History... We made history with this one. No other fan film has landed a former Jason Voorhees in the film and no one has played the role of Elias Voorhees. Jason's father. That alone separates us. Trust me when I say we have a few more tricks saved up or sleeve or machete holder. Other strengths include our production value. I mean these guys are total pro's. The equipment, the cameras, the set design and last but not least the talent. From cast to crew. We are top notch. I have no qualms saying that.

If someone wanted to learn more about the film, where can they go?

You can find us on multiple platforms of social media. They include: Facebook - "F13 Vengeance Fan Page". Instagram - "f13vengeance" and on IMDB under "Vengeance 2019".

What’s your definition of Horror?

Excellent question. I don't think I have ever been asked that one before. Thanks for keeping my on my toes. I’m sure everyone has a different definition of it. Of course over the years horror has changed and become more main stream and shock value. But for me it’s what frightens you. It’s your biggest anxiety or fear. Basically any situation in which your lose control of the defense of your life or loved ones. Pure terror. Similar to that of a roller coaster ride to where you are frightened to death yet still enthralled. You know your going to live or at least hope too. Same with your involvement with the horror movie. You know your going to be ok yet you still find yourself putting on all the lights in every room thereafter.

Are you working on anything else? Can you tell us about future projects you may have in mind?

As of now we are 110% focused on Vengeance. It truly is a dream come true for the whole staff. Director Jeremy Brown and Producer Jason Brooks will have more upcoming projects. We will be sure to keep you and the fans updated on them. As for me? Time will tell.

What’s your favorite horror film?

Can I give you my top 3?... 1) The Exorcist 2) Halloween 3) Friday the 13th part 6

Which is your favorite horror character?

This one is very easy. The one and only... The unstoppable Jason Voorhees. Imagine a pissed off Kane Hodder in part 7.

Any final words to your readers/viewers?

Thank you all for your amazing support on the Vengeance 2019 movie project. We honestly could not have done it without the fans. They are simply the best. Stay tuned because we are going to delivery you all the F13 movie you want and deserve!! for FREE!

Fangtastic! Thank you for stopping by the Horror Tour Guide... But this is your last stop now it’s “Slaughter” time.

Friday the 13th Vengeance

Vengeance Director - Jeremy Brown Co-Director - Nick Roberts Writer - Mike Meade Producer - Jason Brooks Make up - Maddie Goodwin Production Designer - Mick Strawn Production Manager - Peter Anthony Unit Manager - Andrea Hayes Location Coordinator - Alexi Angelino Director of Photography - Dustin Montierth

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