Best movies of 2018

It's been a very spooky year eh? We still can't get past how sweet these movies were!

Jaw-Dropping Horror Movies That Flew Under The Radar In 2018

2018 has already delivered a number of standout horror movies, many of them flying under the radar of most moviegoers - so we've collected our favorites in this list, making it easier than ever to find some gold in this ever-growing content heap.

Hellraiser - What’s The Difference?

Hellraiser, the film that made audiences rethink their ideas of pleasure and pain, is based on the Clive Barker novella The Hellbound Heart. Now it’s time for us to read between the lines to find the differences between the book and the film.

The Evolution of Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees has changed a lot since his first appearance in Friday the 13th. From skinny child to hockey mask slasher to rebuilt space Jason and back again, this video goes through his progression.

The Problem with Horror Movies Today

In an in-depth discussion in the style of his "Analyzed Reviews", Chris Stuckmann talks about what's wrong with horror movies today, and how the audience is contributing to it.

Top 10 Christmas Horror Films

Not sure how you are going to satisfy your horror hunger on Christmas? Check out these top 10 Christmas Horror Films.

What Horror Movie Actors Look Like in Real Life

In real life, the actors who play those monsters look nothing like them. We collected some horror movie actors whose nice appearances were hidden under makeup! We bet you won’t recognize them in real life!

The Truth About Friday The 13th

The Friday the 13th series is one of the most enduring mainstays in slasher cinema. Sure, for decades, critics railed against the saga of Jason Voorhees for being nothing more than a shallow slay delivery system, cheap and hacky — yet audiences kept coming back for more. Now, the series is so embedded in pop culture that even people who've never seen the series know the face of Jason Voorhees — but unless they've sat with the whole saga, they only know part of the story. Here are seven things even hardcore horror fans may not know about Friday the 13th.

13 Fanboy - Interview with Deborah Voorhees

Welcome to another interview on the Horror Tour Guide. I’m your She-Wolf Horror Host Slaughter Cin and I’m excited to bring to you an informative update on one of the most anticipated horror projects on my must see list for 2019. I’m here with my next victim uh I mean gory loving guest Friday the 13th’s very own actress and filmmaker Deborah Voorhees. Hey, Deborah can you tell the fans what 13 Fanboy (great name by the way) is about? 13 Fanboy is about an obsessed fan who is stalking with the intent to kill actresses from the Friday the 13th Franchise. What was your inspiration for the film? I was talking with my producing partner Joel Paul Reisig about a couple other projects we were worki

Winchester Mystery House

Today on our haunted history edition, we visit a mansion with a chilling past. The Winchester Mansion also known as the Winchester Mystery House belonged to Sarah Winchester, the only surviving heir to the Winchester gun fortune. After losing her husband, son-in-law, and 5-week old baby, Sarah Winchester moves to California in 1885. In 1886, she purchases a 2 story farmhouse located close to San Jose California and begins to build on what will become a never-ending remodel. Within a decade the quaint farmhouse is transformed into a 7 story Victorian Mansion. The remodeling doesn’t cease until her death 36 years later. In 1924, Harry Houdini visits the house on Halloween night with the hopes

Being Pretty

"Hello, citizens of Autodale! You are pretty. Your neighbours, friends and family are also pretty. But sadly, not everyone is pretty. Some are ugly ...We, here at Autodale, do not want "uglies."

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