How To Create A Cool Bleeding Knife Effect

Bloody tutorial from Stuart from Check out his new blog where he will be posting other tutorials, articles and makeup FX goodies:

The Destroyer III: Christ the Conqueror

In a continuing effort to entertain and educate all of you bored, unkempt, ever-thickening, self-imposed shut-ins during this time of crisis, ANGRY MAN Publishing is giving away free downloads of the literary classic CHRIST THE CONQUEROR for the next five days—that’s one day of free books for every finger on the calloused hand you use to ménage à moi yourself during those elusive, infrequent moments of privacy one is afforded when having to endure quarantined life with their whiny, ungrateful family. From April 19 through April 23, anyone with an electronic reading device can download a complimentary copy of the epic story that inspired one critic to write: “Reading a book penned by Jason L.

GRIMREAPS69 top 10 Horror films recommend for the month of April

I put together a little list for you creepsters to get you through the quarantine during Agonizing April. These are 10 films Slaughter Cin approves of, so hopefully you wont be disappointed if you haven't seen them. What better way to get through the rest of this morbid month then to kick back with some bodies and watch some good old 80's horror movie classics. Remember horrorphiles, stay scary. 10. Madman (1981) - At a summer camp for youths, cockey pre-teen calls out the name of mass serial killer "Madman Marz". Suddenly, counselors are being maimed and slaughtered in various ways by the backwoodsman who has returned when his name was called. 9. Castle Freak (1995) - A man struggles to sav

Meet the morbid make up man, Rick Gonzales

Good day to all my gore loving fans. Welcome to another interview with a monster making maestro. You've probably seen his work in some of your horror movie faves. Watch me pick his brain guys, I'll have to save it for after the interview. 1) Please introduce yourself, where you are from and what do you do? HELLO. MY NAME IS RICK GONZALES. I'M FROM SAN ANTONIO, TX, BUT I HAVE LIVED IN FLORIDA FOR MOST OF MY LIFE. I AM A PRODUCTION AND SPECIAL EFFECTS MAKEUP ARTIST, RETIRED. I CALL MYSELF A PRODUCTION MAKEUP ARTIST BECAUSE I DO ALL THE MAKEUP FOR THE SHOW, THE STRAIGHT, BEAUTY AND SPECIAL MAKEUPS, NOT JUST SPECIAL EFFECTS. 2) What were the main influences that lead you down your career path? I

Kristy Adams and her terroriffic toys

Ghoulish greetings my frightful fans and welcome to another Horror Tour Guide exclusive interview. I am pleased to introduce our next guest Kristy Adams, owner of nightmare toys. HTG: What was the inspiration behind Nightmare Toys? Kristy: My inspiration for the store was simply my love for horror movies and Halloween!! HTG: How long has your store been in business? Kristy: We’ve been in business for almost 3 years. HTG: What kind of gory goodies do you offer? Kristy: We sell from figures, clothing, movies, Halloween costumes, decor, masks and much more!! HTG: What’s your biggest sellers? Kristy: Anything Michael Myers sells out quickly, either Neca ultimate figures or masks from Trick or Tr

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