COMIC CON 2018 Horror News Roundup

Checking out all the biggest horror news and reveals from this year's Comic Con - including breakdowns for the Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Glass trailers, as well as updates on Halloween, It Chapter 2, and the newly announced Annabelle 3!

If Normal People Were In Scary Movies

This is what would happen if horror movies were real! Scary movies are known for stupid cliches and annoying moments. Imagine if horror films were actually realistic?

Rick Baker's Make-Up and Special Effects Legacy

Make-up and special effects legend Rick Baker just announced his retirement from film production, coinciding with the auction of his vast collection of original props, puppets, and animatronics. In this final piece from our visit to that collection, we have an extended conversation with Rick about his work and celebrated career--a lifetime of having fun and improving his craft.

What The Scariest Movies Look Like Without Special Effects

Traditionally, horror isn't a genre that depends on digital trickery. Taking a practical approach is often not only cheaper, but more effective when it comes to unnerving an audience—and horror movies rarely enjoy the freedom of a big budget, especially when the big studios aren't involved. Advances in technology in recent years have made convincing visual effects far more accessible, however, to the point that even low-budget productions can take advantage. Green screens are now commonplace on horror sets—and if you strip away all the special effects, what you're left with isn't very scary at all.

The 10 Worst And 10 Best Stephen King Movies

Stephen King's books have been adapted to film or television over 100 times, making him the all-time "King" of adaptations from a living author's work. But while some adaptations of his works rank among the most beloved films of all time, others are hardly worth remembering at all. To help you parse out the good from the bad, here's a list of the 10 worst and 10 best Stephen King adaptations so far, not in any particular order, but starting with the ones that probably don't deserve your time. Agree or disagree? Comment below.



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