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Scary Go Round

Scary Go Round - The Animated Version : In October 2013 Peter Eriksson won the MODO Halloween Contest with my image “Halloween Circus”. First price a copy of MARI. Big thanks to The Foundry and the judges:) My initial idea for the contest was to do an animated Merry Go Round but with scary characters instead of cute horses and stuff. But to animate you need a LOT of time and some kind of script. After the competition I promised to do an animated version. Why I don’t know but it has been great fun and I’ve learned a lot during the process. Someone on a Sweden Modo User Group meeting last year come up with the name “Scary Go Round”, sadly I can’t remember who. The biggest problem was to figure out what to do, why I should animate it. And I can’t say that it’s a movie even now, more like a Turntable Deluxe ;) Happy Halloween! Copyright © 2014 Peter Eriksson/Konrad Illustrations - Original Music and Sound Effects Copyright © 2014 Charles Clayton

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