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The Good Fight

The Good Fight

by Rudy Fort.

The New York winter he sat in the middle of was a few gusts shy of ferocious. A large man, Arnold Gutierrez, a 54 year--old electrician sat on a bench in Riverside Park in late January. A private sob in his chest and throat.

His daughter’s asthma had never been this bad. Her nebulizer and meds didn’t seem to work anymore. The ironic part of being recently laid-off was that he was home when she had this last flare-up. He rushed her to the ER and thank god they were able to stabilize her—where she now slept quietly for the first time in weeks. His 11 year-old angel. The life that transformed his. He had to get away from people and come for a walk once she was out, so he could think about his next move, and meditate as well. Very important. He had learned to meditate over thirty years ago and it was always a big help. A great coping device. But it would later prove a gateway to so much more.

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