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Monica Monzon wants to wash your skin - with her Skulls!

Please introduce yourself to our morbid readers, tell us where you are from and what you do.

Howdy! I'm Monica Monzon, I live in Austin TX and I make Skull shape soaps and candles

What was your motivation in creating these products and your company?

Well, at the binging I was just trying to make soaps for myself, my skin was really dry and the regular soaps made it worst!. so I started making detergent free soaps. One day I was looking at the soap bar and thinking to myself "Dude, soaps are lame..... what if I make them in a shape of something? What if I added color? 2 weeks after Skellysoaps was born.

How long have you been in business? Officially for 1 year.

What is your most requested item? Charcoal SkellySoap, not only because it looks really cool but also because it works. It helps fight acne and oily skin.

You make some pretty kick ass skull candles and soaps, are there any other shapes they come in? Right now, we only have the skull shape, but we're working on new skull designs that we will release soon.

What is your price range for someone who may be interested in purchasing?

Crandles $8.99

SkellySoaps All Natural Soaps $13.99

SkellyScrubs Natural Coffee Scrubs $16.99

What makes them unique? They are one of a kind, you wont find two that look the same, they can only be similar. Since our products are handmade, hand painted, and they are made one at a time, every swirl, color tone and design are different, plus, we are always experimenting with different ingredients, colors, glitter we even have the glow in the dark Skelly.

What are the future goals for your company? Our goals right now are to develop new products for the store, not only soaps and candles.

What is your definition or interpretation of horror? The sense of despair and powerlessness. The feeling of fascination for fear, the unknown and the occult.

What is your favorite horror film? Santa Sangre, Alejandro Jodorowski and The Evil Dead

If you had to choose, which horror character do you identify with most?

Ash Williams, I know he is not a "evil/bad" guy, but he is awesome!

Where can we find your products?

Online Store -

Thank you for sharing your terroriffic skulls! I have a collection of my own from a few fans (wink).


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