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Richard W Ritz and the Horror-Fi Expo

Hi again my deadly friends. I’m your horror host, Slaughter Cin: She-Wolf Empress of Gore. Today on Horror Tour guide, we have a terroriffic guest with an event you won’t want to miss. Please introduce yourself, what you do and where you are from?

Hello again Cindy, first let me thank you and all your fans for having an interest in me. With that said my name is Richard Ritz owner and operator of Sunrise Productions Ultd Inc. Besides for running Sunrise Productions, I have worn many hats, Pizzaman, Shipyard worker, Cook, Restaurant manager, Retail store manager, and inside Salesman. I was born and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

How long has your company been running?

Sunrise Productions was founded in 1992 by my Father In-Law (Scotty) and myself after he accompanied me to a few conventions. Soon we would talk about the ups and downs of conventions with the promoters and as my father In-law would put it, he would pick their brains and next thing you know Sunrise Productions was born.

What kind of trade shows have you done in the past?

Back in the 90's, the hobby market was still very much alive. We started with a smaller 30 table baseball card and comic book show which ran 2 times a month on Sundays. We soon added coins, toys, sport and non-sport cards, videos and other collectibles. Over the next few years we expanded to multiple locations all across the tri-state area. All of these shows had 1 thing in common; Free admission, Free autographs, and Free giveaways, we ran shows for the Fans.

Can you tell me more about the Horror-Fi Expo you’re putting together?

This is the New York City HORROR-Fi Expo 2, It's a 110 to 140 table convention featuring Vendors, Artists, Producers, Actors, Actresses, and a few other goodies from the world of Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy. Once again, we are trying to create an event for the fans, our table rates and ticket prices are some of the cheapest to hit New York City for a Horror and Sci-Fi convention in more than 15 years, we don't want to empty the pockets of fans before they even enter our Convention which is great for the vendors.

This is the second one correct? Please tell me why you’ve decided to revive it after 19 years?

I think of it like the monster from Jeepers Creepers as he comes back every 23 years for 23 days, so I'm coming back after 19 years for 2 days. My former partner and I spoke about the conventions every now and then but unfortunately he passed away 2 years ago, thus deciding to dedicate this show to him. We ended our events in 1999 after the bottom fell out in the comic book industry and the sports card manufacturers out priced the collectors.

What do you expect this one to be like? How would it differentiate from the first one you put together?

Well for one thing the guest line up will be fan-tastic. 15 + guests, special door prizes, and it will be an open emporium for cosplayers with daily prizes. The first Horror-Fi Expo was more of a horror and sci-fi event only; for this event we have the addition of fantasy as an additional genre. And guest with roles from The Walking Dead, Goosebumps 2, and other upcoming movies and shows like Stranger Things Season 3

Can you name some featured highlights for the event?

Lots of Vendors

Door Prizes

Multiple Celebrity Guests

An array of Artists

Daily Cosplay Prizes

When is it? Where will the Horror-Fi Expo be?

The Horror-Fi Expo 2 with be on Nov. 3rd and 4th, 2018 and will held at the 630 Second Hall at 630 2nd Ave New York, N.Y.

How much is the admission?

A 2-day pass in advance is $35.00 which also comes with a special Horror-Fi bundle and these tickets are limited, you can also buy a single day ticket for either Saturday or Sunday for $20.00 each. Tickets will also be available at the door for $25.00 per day. Limited supply.

What are your future goals for Sunrise productions?

Eventually I would like to hold the Horror-Fi Expo twice a year and make it a known staple in the horror, sci-fi and fantasy community.

What’s your favorite horror movie?

Wow so many that's a hard question: Frankenstein, The Wolfman, House on Haunted Hill and The Crawling Eye to name a few of the classics

Which horror character do you identify with most?

The Wolfman, or Werewolves in General.

If someone wants to learn more about Sunrise Productions or the Horror-Fi Expo, where can they go?

Thank you for joining us today Richard. Make sure you get your tickets for the Horror-Fi Expo, they are DYING to meet you.

Thank you, Cindy, and I'll be seeing you at The New York City Horror-Fi Expo 2

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