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Final Destinations Summer Family Edition

Welcome to the Summer/Family Edition of Final Destinations.

At Orlando’s Universal city walk there are two mini golf selections; The Haunted House and the Space Invasion for you sci fi lovers. Both are really fun to try out. Universal offers free parking after 6pm so Mom and Dad have a little extra money for food along the way. This is a perfect start to the weekend after you’ve done your homework, so be sure to keep those grades up and cash in on this well-earned treat.

If you’re in NY (Syracause, West Nyack, Foxboro, Buffalo, Albany and Plymouth meeting), make sure to take a trip to 5wits. Me and my family had the chance to visit 5Wits at the Palisades mall. It’s a fun escape room experience that encourages you to use your “5 Wits” and 5 senses. They have 3 escape experiences and each one is worth a try. Each location has its own set of experiences, if you get a chance, try to visit them all.

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