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13 Fanboy - Interview with Deborah Voorhees

13 Fanboy Fund Raiser

Welcome to another interview on the Horror Tour Guide. I’m your She-Wolf Horror Host Slaughter Cin and I’m excited to bring to you an informative update on one of the most anticipated horror projects on my must see list for 2019. I’m here with my next victim uh I mean gory loving guest Friday the 13th’s very own actress and filmmaker Deborah Voorhees. Hey, Deborah can you tell the fans what 13 Fanboy (great name by the way) is about?

13 Fanboy is about an obsessed fan who is stalking with the intent to kill actresses from the Friday the 13th Franchise.

What was your inspiration for the film?

I was talking with my producing partner Joel Paul Reisig about a couple other projects we were working on and he asked me, "What is it like going to the horror conventions?" I told him that they were lots of fun. Horror fans are the greatest. He then asked, "Has there ever been a scary moment?" I said not at a convention, but I have had a couple of moments elsewhere that were scary. I explained that one time on Facebook messenger someone asked, "Wouldn't it be cool if you died in real life like you did in the movie?" That startled me because nothing about dying in real life like I did in the movie would be fun. Another time was more scary because it came on my personal phone. It was a series of texts that made it clear that the person knew me from Friday the 13th and meant me harm and said he was watching me. That really frightened me. Nothing more came of it once I blocked the number, so it may just have been someone playing a practical joke that was far from funny. Joel said, "This is a movie." A chill went up my spine because it felt way too scary, way too real. After several sleepless nights, I knew I had my movie, the one I had been looking for to make for fans.

In your opinion, What makes this film so special? It is history making. Never has anyone brought together so many Friday the 13th alum for a film. This isn't a fan film. This is something new. This is something that could happen. This is Hush/Cape Fear with horror kills. It is a thriller, horror and mystery. You don't know who is the killer until the very end.

Can you tell us some of the names of your star cast being featured in the film?

C.J. Graham, Thom Mathews, Judie Aronson, Tracie Savage, Ron Sloan, Jennifer Banko, myself, and a cameo from Carol Locatell.

Can you tell us about your crowdfunder and what cool gifts/perks are in stall for all contributors?

13 Fanboy's Indiegogo campaign offers chances for fans to be a part of the film. They can get their name in the credits, get various producer credits, and even a chance to be killed in the film. One of my favorite perks for those who want to be in the film but can't get to set is a chance to get your family portrait in the film or to get a character or street or business named after them. Of course, we have the typical autographs, T-shirts, posters and DVDs, PDFs of the script and much more.

You are very close to reaching your goal. When is the deadline?

The deadline is Dec. 26. We are at 85% of our goal.

What are the goals for the film upon its completion?

We will open in theaters and have a wide DVD, streaming release. Our goal is to release October, 2019

Where can we go to donate?

Anything you’d like to add or say to your fans?

This film is for the fans. Horror fans are truly the best fans out there. They have been kind to me for many years, and this is my present to them.

Well guys, there isn’t much time left but you still have a chance to be a part of 13 Fanboy history by making a contribution/donation. I’m absolutely dying to see the end result. Thanks for Joining us again on HTG looking forward to eating um I mean seeing you again.

Thank you Cindy so much for taking your time to help get the word out about 13 Fanboy! You're awesome.

Hugs & kills,


This is Slaughter Cin wishing you happy horrordays! Stay scary

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