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Meet the female "Hitchcock", Berna Roberts!

Please introduce yourself, where you are from, and what you do?

I'm Berna Roberts. I am an LA-based Actress, Producer, and Director originally from East Chicago.

1. How long have you been acting in this industry? How/When did you get started?

I began as a stage Actress at age 12. I was incredibly shy, but I had this amazing Mentor Linda Bloemker...she was my Speech and Debate Teacher... she made me do a monologue from Romeo and Juliet in front of our class...she really pushed me out of my comfort zone...and I just fell in love with bringing characters to life. I did not get into the film industry until my mid-twenties... first, in New York which brought me to Los Angeles.

2. Can you tell us the names of horror films you’ve acted in?

My very first film in Los Angeles was a horror film called Tower of Blood. Some other titles include: Axegrinder, Jolly Roger:Massacre At Cutter's Cove, Beast of Bray Road, Dead Men Walking, Ugly Sweater Party from Aaron Mento, Killer Camera Monsters from Ryan McBay, The 49th Line, Puppet from PROco Productions, Witchcraft 14, Witchcraft 15, Witchcraft 16, Mayday, Vamped, My Dead Selfie by Joy Shannon, The Tarot from Peter Hyoguchi, Slaw from John Kap, and my recent film In Autumn They Fly Away, The Golden Scissors from Maggie Le.

3. Which ones have stood out for you? And Why?

Well, a film of mine that is currently making the rounds at theaters is My Dead Selfie. It uses the horror genre to tell the real life horror stories regarding the history of racism in America. Directed by the Woman of Steel Joy Shannon.

The Tarot is a unique story unlike any horror film I've seen. Again, the events in the film could possibly happen in real life which makes it creepier. Plus, I had the opportunity to work with the legendary horror icon Tom Holland known for Child's Play, Fright Night...just to name a few. Directed by Peter Hyoguchi...a Director with a unique voice, style, and vision which sets him apart.

Of course, I have to mention my own film which is about to begin post production In Autumn They Fly Away directed by Julian Grant. It is a classic cinema homage to the old Hitchcock films with all the juicy bits... SCANDAL, SUSPENSE, MURDER!!! A delicate character with an ominous story. I produced it and played the lead character. It was a very well-written piece from Gary Kadet and Julian Grant.

3. What has been your biggest challenge?

I think the biggest challenge for any artist is to know that they are enough....To know what they bring to the table....To just be unapologetically themselves...I believe, once that happens , they will soar.

4. What was your most exciting gig?

Oh my gosh! I have a list! Probably because I tend to work only on projects I am passionate about with people I am passionate about too!

I did a historical theater piece that was in at Los Angeles for six months in which I played four different characters. They were all based on people who really lived so there was a lot of research and work to be done to properly play those them with the respect they deserve.

I played a small edgy type of role in a brand new film called Cuck. The Director Rob Lambert works completely different with actors on set then I have experienced in the past. It is in such a way that he gets organic interactions and truthful performances from the Actors. It was a real gift to work that way, and felt like a true collaboration.

The third is actually two different films, but for similar reasons. I worked with a young Up and coming director named Barret Mulholland on a film called Grip. There was a lengthy rehearsal process which doesn’t always happen when making Film. He gave us the opportunity to really explore the depths of the characters. In addition, the topics were heavy dealing with domestic violence, addiction, and redemption. This was his directorial debut, and it was magic. I see big things in his future.

Then, of course, there’s my recent film In Autumn They Fly Away. I had the delicate task of telling a story that was personal to our writer and director Julian Grant in regards to the parallels the character had to his own mother. The character represents the struggles of a single mother in the 1950’s. It is so important to me to remember these are or were real people and issues and give them their due respect.

Okay! I lied! There’s one more! I recently had the opportunity to be part of a television pilot called Blackwater and the entire cast and our director Boise Esquerra consisted of Native American indigenous artists and I feel absolutely privileged to have been a part of the Pilot. It also dealt with some heavy issues which I will not mention because it is not yet released.

5. What’s the latest projects you’ve worked on?

As I've mentioned a few times, but who's counting, I recently completed Principal Photography on a featurette called In Autumn They Fly Away. It's a real passion project. Takes Crime, Suspense, and Horror elements using both classic cinema looks with modern techniques.

6. What dark delicacies are you currently working on now?

Guess what?! You guessed it! There's In Autumn They Fly Away. It is a crime, suspense, horror, thriller film in the style of Hitchcock set in the 1950s. It's about a single mother who will do anything for the safety of her son.

I am also in pre-production on a little dark Delicacy secret film from writer director Timothy Ray Brandon.

7. Any future plans or upcoming projects that you’d like to share with us?

I have two projects in development with Writer/Director Rob Gunnerson, and another with Julian Grant. Both from the dark delicacy family and intended for television.

8. What’s your definition of horror?

Horror can be anything we fear. It doesn't have to be a literal Slasher, but it could deal with any fear we have...that could also include telling the stories of social or societal puts the viewer in a safe environment to play out the story through the characters and from the safety of a theater seat.

More recently, horror was flipped on its head using the genre to represent the living horror of racism that people live with, such as in Get Out and Joy Shannon's My Dead Selfie....using it as a tool to make a statement, ignite a long-needed conversation, and, hopefully, impact change.

9. What’s your favorite horror film?

I've always been a huge fan of The Shining and the original Amityville Horror

10. Who’s your favorite horror character?

I LOVE Annie Wilkes from Misery. We mustn't forget Mr. Norman Bates.

11. If someone wanted to find out more about you, “In autumn they fly away”, or donate to your film where can they go?

Here is the link to In Autumn They Fly Away campaign.

We have some excellent incentives. We only have 15 days left so, give us a visit ...a follow...or become part of the film. You can also find our facebook page and twitter on this page.

More on me personally? Here is my website and IMDB link:


Happy hauntings and lots of love to my horror family!!

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