January 16, 2020

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Horror Short Film "Goodbye" | Presented by ALTER

November 29, 2019

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Geo Brawn: When art and horror collide

April 27, 2019


Ghoulish greetings my Putrid Pals,
Welcome to another edition of the Horror Tour Guide. I’m your horror host
Slaughter Cin: She Wolf Empress of Gore! Today I have a tasty new guest with
an artistic flare for the macabre and morbidly phenomenal artwork.


1.) Please tell us who you are and what you do?
I'm Geo Brawn IV. Artist and Creator of The Untold Chronicles and The
Angel Codex graphic novels. I'm also a pinup artist, painter, muralist, and horror lover.


2.) How long have you been doing this?
 I've been an artist almost my entire life. I started drawing when I was five,
and never stopped. As a full on profession
With my company, Brawn Graphix Design Creations, about 12 yrs.


3.) How did you get started into doing what you do?

 I was taught from a young age, art is NOT a career, it's what you did in your
free time. I was raised to work hard, raise a family, and one day, when I retire,
that's when you do something like create art. That's just how I was taught. But it never quite
gelled for me. I wanted to do my own thing. I had a different path. SO I took off
after that and never looked back. Next thing I knew I entered a contest at Comic-Con
International in San Diego, and knew this was where I belonged. Painting and
digital art all fell into my world as if it was just meant to be.


4.) Can you tell us about your horror comics?
 The first series I created I started thinking to myself.. What if a vampire didn't
know how to be a vampire. What if she was created, and kept as human as
possible by her sire. A vampire who'd lived so long as a vampire, he just wanted to be as mortal as he could live with her. And then one night,,, he was killed. The idea sparked
into who would create not just this sire, but all vampires. And it led down to the
dark mother of all vampires, LIlith, and now with her sire gone, Lilith shows up
to teach her how to survive feedin