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Geo Brawn: When art and horror collide

Ghoulish greetings my Putrid Pals, Welcome to another edition of the Horror Tour Guide. I’m your horror host Slaughter Cin: She Wolf Empress of Gore! Today I have a tasty new guest with an artistic flare for the macabre and morbidly phenomenal artwork.

1.) Please tell us who you are and what you do? I'm Geo Brawn IV. Artist and Creator of The Untold Chronicles and The Angel Codex graphic novels. I'm also a pinup artist, painter, muralist, and horror lover.

2.) How long have you been doing this? I've been an artist almost my entire life. I started drawing when I was five, and never stopped. As a full on profession With my company, Brawn Graphix Design Creations, about 12 yrs.

3.) How did you get started into doing what you do?

I was taught from a young age, art is NOT a career, it's what you did in your free time. I was raised to work hard, raise a family, and one day, when I retire, that's when you do something like create art. That's just how I was taught. But it never quite gelled for me. I wanted to do my own thing. I had a different path. SO I took off after that and never looked back. Next thing I knew I entered a contest at Comic-Con International in San Diego, and knew this was where I belonged. Painting and digital art all fell into my world as if it was just meant to be.

4.) Can you tell us about your horror comics? The first series I created I started thinking to myself.. What if a vampire didn't know how to be a vampire. What if she was created, and kept as human as possible by her sire. A vampire who'd lived so long as a vampire, he just wanted to be as mortal as he could live with her. And then one night,,, he was killed. The idea sparked into who would create not just this sire, but all vampires. And it led down to the dark mother of all vampires, LIlith, and now with her sire gone, Lilith shows up to teach her how to survive feeding on mortals, and guides her into becoming a sort of Vampire Vigilante. This story is called Everdance: A Blood Story. And it went from there with this story to the next one became about the supernaturals

who killed this immortal and what would they be about. Serving and protecting humanity. A pledge to keep mortals safe throughout the centuries, And this story would become "Blood Rites: Next Gen.". And then for my third story in this series, I wanted to do something different, and had met George A. Romero, who'd become known as The Godfather of all Zombie films. This led me down the path to tell the story of the antihero, Rosabelle, a curved vane woman who, during the end of The Civil War was damned for all time to become the undead, always hungry for live flesh, and when she would eat it, she remained young and beautiful, but when she didn't she would rot, leaving nothing but an emaciated corpse that still couldn't die or find peace. This one is called "Rosabelle and the Constant State of Death". Al together this series is known as "The Untold Chronicles". From there I am now creating my new series that dwells in the same universe, but goes even further into a new realm of angels and demons, and gods and goddesses.

5.) What has been your most challenging project? Oh gosh, I mean I've created monsters for others, character creation (for others) is always tricky, because you literally have to tap inside the mind of someone else and bring out or extract their idea of what they want and then make it visible for everyone. So that's a challenge. These days it's keeping my work out there and alive for all to see.There are times where its like yelling into a hurricane just to be heard when you don't have a mega-studio behind you. And beyond that my great hope is to get them stories made into movies and TV shows on streaming. Netflix, Hulu, or even Amazon Video.

6.) Which is your most memorable?

Also along those same lines. They say “it’s not once you get to the top of the mountain that makes the adventure. It’s the travel to get there, that’s the real adventure”. I gotta agree with that. I’ve worked hard just to get as far as I’ve gotten. And working towards that endgame has led to amazing adventures and people in my life. I’ve met some of the greats in horror and TV.

7.) Who and/or what inspires you? So many people, really. I constantly listen to music as I work. I work from my home office. I call “The Pirate Office”, and it’s filled with many, many things throughout. With one thing they all have in common... It’s all started as an idea in someones head. And I let that grow in me, until I developed my own ideas and it led to my own universe of characters and creations.

8.) What are your future plans/goals?

Well I.m working on my second series of books. And that keeps me rather busy. Developing my stories and making them cohesive with each other. And when I’m not doing that I do quite a bit fo commissioned work. That usually keeps me outta trouble.

9.) If someone wanted to know more about you or hire you, where would they go? If you GOOGLE me, you’ll see many of my social media pages, I’m everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, IG, also on Youtube I have a video show called “Deep Inside: The Pirate Office”. And I also have a website.

10.) What’s your favorite horror movie?

Oh, there are too many to mention. (LOL) Some of my favs though, that have always been my faves are Re-Animator, An American Werewolf in London, Fright Night (1986), and TEETH.

11.) What is your definition of horror? Horror, I think can be very broad in defining. One persons horror is another’s joy. But for me.. It’s what we don’t see that I think can be great fodder for horror. THe happy go lucky neighbor who waves at you on their way to work, but in actuality, just killed and ate three people the night before. The hidden truths have always fascinated me. To this day I think the real horror is NOT knowing what’s really out there.

Thanks So much.

Check out Geo's website at and get a free digital download of his graphic novel "The Untold Chronicles" for a limited time only at http/:/

Thank you for joining us today Geo. Tune in next week Spooksters for another yummy guest. Oh look... A Full Moon Is approaching unfortunately for you, you’re not going anywhere.

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