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Kristy Adams and her terroriffic toys

Ghoulish greetings my frightful fans and welcome to another Horror Tour Guide exclusive interview. I am pleased to introduce our next guest Kristy Adams, owner of nightmare toys.

HTG: What was the inspiration behind Nightmare Toys?

Kristy: My inspiration for the store was simply my love for horror movies and Halloween!!

HTG: How long has your store been in business?

Kristy: We’ve been in business for almost 3 years.

HTG: What kind of gory goodies do you offer?

Kristy: We sell from figures, clothing, movies, Halloween costumes, decor, masks and much more!!

HTG: What’s your biggest sellers?

Kristy: Anything Michael Myers sells out quickly, either Neca ultimate figures or masks from Trick or Treat Studios.

HTG: In your opinion, what makes Nightmare toys unique?

Kristy: We’re unique because you can find a little of everything in Nightmare Toys, we’re not just a collectible shop or just a Halloween store, we are both!!!

HTG: What other platforms do you use to sell your toys?

Kristy: We have a website, brick and mortar store and we do conventions.

HTG: Do you do cons/events? If so, which ones?

Kristy: We do a lot of Days of the Dead conventions and are excited to be doing Texas Frightmare this year.

HTG: What’s your favorite pieces/collections?

Kristy: My favorite pieces are Neca Ultimates.

HTG: Where is your business located?

Kristy: Our store is located in Las Vegas.

HTG: I know this is a tough one but what’s your favorite horror movie and horror character?

Kristy: My favorite horror movie is April Fools Day (1986) and my favorite character is Freddy Krueger.

HTG: If someone wants to purchase or follow you/Nightmare toys online, where do they go?


Thank you for joining us today Kristy, I look forward to visiting your store in the near future. Make sure to follow Nightmare toys and purchase some of your own fangtastic products. It’s time to go now... The full moons approaching and I’m getting hungry!

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