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Alex Reynoso: Painting With Horror

Gory Greetings Ghoulish Gang! Slaughter Cin, She-Wolf Empress of Gore is back with another terroriffic interview for all you FANGtastic horror freaks. This upcoming guest has a unique horror eye. He’s DYING to tell us more

1. Please introduce yourself, where you are from and what you do?

Hellooo!!! Thank you for having me. You can call me Alex, I was born in the Dominican Republic, raised in Spanish Harlem, and I paint for a living.

2. How long have you been an artist?

Let’s just say, my first language is art. I was raised in a bilingual neighborhood that confused my speech, my parents knew little English, so to make myself clear; I communicated with drawings at an early stage.

3. When it comes to your horror projects, What/who is your inspiration?

Makeup artists, designers and anything relating to horror films. I’m inspired by the artistic makeups and creations that makes you shout... THATS DOPE!!!

4. In terms of your own work, do you have any favorites? If so, which are they?

My favorite is titled “Valenstein”

5. What can you say is unique about your artwork? How do you feel you differentiate from the rest?

I’m unique just like everyone else. I feel that it would be impossible for anyone to have the same style; however, I’ve learned from other artist and adapted many techniques that it will be hard to differentiate from the rest. I enjoy painting with largest to the smallest brushes, I start from light to dark colors, never use black until the end, I work in layers and I enjoy a drink while doing so.

6. What was/is your best selling piece?

Best selling piece was at a silent auction. We were raising money to help stop obesity during ArtBattles.

7. What was your most challenging project?

Every single commission painting. I’ve told my students never to worry about perfection and at home I spend extra time making it just right before delivering to the client.

8. What kind of events/venues have you done ?

Curated and painted in front of a live audience at Hudson River Cafe, Diva Lounge, Sapphire Lounge, The Sullivan’s Room, Dinner at Ludlow, White Rabbit, Manny’s & Camaradas, 2nd Annual NY National Guard Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Center, Clash of the Goddesses & Bed-Vyne Blacklight Body Paint

9. What is your definition of horror?

Monsters that will shock you with fear.

10. Name your favorite horror film and horror character?

My favorite of all time is PLANET TERROR and I love Cherry with the gun as her leg. Kinda hot.

11. What are your future goals for your artwork?

Books, films, and entertainment

12. How can someone follow, support you, and/or purchase your work?

Please search #AlexReynosoArt | Facebook | Instagram | ArtMajeur.

Thanks for your time Alex. Your paintings are absolutely GOREgeous! I must have a few for my collection. Make sure to grab an original piece from Alex HTGrs. Now would you look at that. Time to go Til next time horror peeps... Stay scary!

Check out this awesome horror mural and click the link below for more of Alex's art

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