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Louis Small Jr., Vampirella and his Dark comic journey

Hola holler boils and ghouls, Welcome to another HEXciting interview with your horror host SlaughterCin, She-Wolf Empress of Gore. I’m DYING to introduce my next gruesome guest. This one is a special treat for my horror comic lovers. Meet Louis Small Jr. Now let’s get into it before another full moon approaches.

1. Hey Louis, can you tell us where you’re from and what you do?

Orginally from Tinton Falls, NJ which is the Jersey Shore, Unlike what most people think of Jersey, this area is very, very green.I'm a Professional Comic Book Artist, having drawn for Marvel, DC Comics, Image, and several other small and large Companies, currently I'm working on Indy Projects for a new Company, called Utterly Ridiculous Productions.I moved to Wilson, NC from NYC, back in 2002 to take care of my Elderly Parents, and have been here since.I also Teach Comic/Cartoon Art, and Portraiture.

2. What was the inspiration that led you to your artistic journey?

I was inspired by reading Comics in my youth. Looking at Cartoons on Tv, and watching my Older Brothers and Sister Draw Cartoons.

3. What was your first break into the comic business?

I got out of the Army in 1991, right after being in Saudi Arabia, and moved back to my Hometown in NJ.After about a year of enjoying my newfound Freedom, I decided to get back into drawing Comics, and what better way than to get a Job at a Comic Book Company.

4. You’re known as the original artist for “Vampirella” which has been one of my favorite horror comic characters to date, was that the first commercial horror character you were hired to draw?

Long Story short, I bought 2 books on How to Draw Comics, and 6 months later, I went to my first Comicon, which was in NYC, with 6 pages of Sample Art, and a few days later, got calls from marvel, DC Comics, Harris Comics, and a few more Companies.I started out working for Harris Comics, Vampirella. My first ever Comic Assignment was a Sexy Vampire character

5. What other horror characters have you pencilled/drawn?

I Kept them from going into Chapter 11, according to the Records.Vampirella was a Hit!!It was my Dream to draw her as I used to read the Warren Vampirella, Creepy, and Eerie Comics in my youth

6. Have you ever been commissioned to work on any horror art in film?

I also drew Dark Dominion for Defiant Comics, and several Horror Posters, Covers, and Trading Cards for Chaos Comics, Lady Death, Purgatory, Cremator, Xenya for another small Company, and quite a few other Companies who's names escape me at the moment.

7. If so, what horror films/posters have you had the chance to work on?

I've been asked by a few Companies over the years to work on their Horror Films, but I have drawn dozens of Horror Posters, for small Companies, including Nailer Comics, and a few things for Hart Fisher, but so far haven't accepted any Assignments, for Horror Movies, as I've been overly busy on Commissions from Comicons, and Facebook, since I got into the Business.Maybe I can finally work on something for Cindy Sanabria one day.

8. We’ve seen a lot of film development in regards to live action horror comic figures such as Hellboy, Spawn and the Japanese Manga Death note to name a few...In your opinion, what would be a character you’d like to see come to life in the world of horror cinema and why?

I'd LOVE to see Vampirella, Pantha, Purgatory, and Red Sonja get their time on the Silver Screen.Something finally done right from Directors, and Actors who'll follow the source material, and give the Fans what they want.

9. Can you name of few horror projects that were your favorite to work on?

Vampirella was/is of course my favorite all-time Horror character.

10. What were the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career?

My biggest Artistic challenge was always being able to draw Women correctly.It's an ongoing challenge, and choosing the right Models for the right Assignments.There are so many to choose from.

11. What’s your favorite horror film and horror character?