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Horror Selfie Challenge

Hey creepsters, it isnt too late to join our horror selfie contest. The horror selfie challenge was created by the horror tour guide to remind people to support the indie horror community. As an indie filmmaker, I can tell you first hand it isn’t easy and can be a struggle at times. I want to raise awareness for all the hard work and #Terroriffic films That come from the #indiehorror #community 🖤How many of you would like to participate in HTG’s #horrorselfiechallenge ?💀Post a #pic with a horror ugly #face and share this post. Let’s see if we have what it takes to make this go viral in support of #independent #horrorartists and the #indie #horrorcommunity. I will send a #gory #goodie to the 3 best faces on this feed! Challenge starts now and winners will be announced next weekend. If you would like to participate, send us an email at with the picture you posted on your social media with the hashtag #HorrorSelfieChallenge and #HorrortourGuide, dont forget to tag us. There is no limit to entry so enter as many times as you would like. News Update!!! We are going to extend the contest to October for our Halloween giveaway

Example below:

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