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Meet Horror Artist Burnzy and His Masterful Monster Mashup

Gory greetings my ghoulish gang, and welcome to another HEXciting interview with your She-Wolf Hybrid Horror Host Slaughter Cin. I am DYING to introduce you to my next gruesome guest. He is a killer artist with memes of his horror art circling all around the Web. If you follow me @thehorrortourguide on Facebook or @horrortourguide on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen and most likely shared his work as well. He’s a dark artist with an affinity for horror mashups and creepy creations filled with frightful fun. Now it’s time to Meat our guest.

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us where you are from? I'm Burnzig. I'm a horror artist from Boston, Massachusetts. I do a lot of styles of art. I initially focused on oil painting, then colored pencil work and now I've gotten into digital. I like to mix them all up, too. 2. Where did the name Burnzig come from? Everyone calls me Burnzy, but Burnzy was always taken when I tried to create an account anywhere. So I would do variations of it, merging it with other names I like (Burnzdalf the Grey was one). I love The Misfits and Danzig, so I did Burnzig. It was catchy. It stuck. As for the Burnzy nickname, I barely even remember. I could tell you a story of getting that nickname, but I'm an unreliable narrator. 3. How did you get started in the art world? I've been drawing since I was little. I always loved drawing. I always loved horror. So I was drawing some creepy stuff as a kid. I'd also draw my favorite cartoons and comics. A nice mixture of Looney Toons and zombies. X-Men and gross monsters. All that good stuff. I was pretty anxious about sharing it online after some bad interactions with negative people. About 4 years ago I started posting it and really taking it seriously. 4. What kind of projects do you mostly work on? For the most part I do my own things. I come up with ideas and make it. I have a notepad with tons of random ideas I've written down. Most of them make sense! Occasionally I will do a commission or an outside project. I did a magazine cover for a really amazing horror magazine, Delirium. I drew up a Bob Burgers/Frankenhooker pin design for my friend @creepcake_. I'm always down to try something new and work with new people, but I have to be into it. 5. Your artwork is truly FANGtastic! What are some of your favorites? My Wholesome Horror series is my pride and joy. I love that series. It was the first time something I made became popular and shared around a lot. It was so cool to see it everywhere for a while. My Bobs Burgers mashups. The show is so good. Seeing them as my favorite horror characters is always super cool. My paintings. I don't get to paint as much as I'd like, but I love painting and selling them and seeing them at someone else's home. Like... That's that's something I physically made on your wall. That's awesome. 6. What is your inspiration? Any role models? My inspiration. Oh man. I'm inspired by finding the juxtaposition between horror and innocence. Or ugliness and beauty. That probably sounds a lot deeper than I intended, haha. Role models. Hmm. I can think of two. I've always loved Francisco Goya. His progression into darkness. The Black Paintings were a huge inspiration for me in highschool. My other is Michael Scott. The man exudes sex. 7. Can you name your most memorable experience involving your craft? I remember last year, at a horror convention, I had a table set up to sell art. A lady came up and was looking at my prints. She shook her head and said "You shouldn't just take art off Facebook and print it and sell it." I was like "No, I made this!" she didn't believe me. She said "I've seen these all over Facebook and Tumblr." I had to bust out my original drawings of them and show her that I was the guy who actually made them, not just some Facebook dweeb printing them. 8. What has been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career? I guess just getting out there and getting noticed without giving up my vision. I could probably sell a lot of stuff if I didn't stick to horror so much, but then I wouldn't be making what I love. I could do drawings of ... IDK Post Malone and uhhh... Harley Quinn... but it would be hollow. Until I think up a clever horror twist on them that actually makes me want to do it. 9. What are your future goals? I want to get into tattooing and open my own shop where I do tattoos and sell my art and merch. 10. What’s your definition of horror? When you're home, it's dark and you're going up the stairs and you have to run so the creature on the side can't reach through and grab your feet. 11. Name a few of your favorite horror films. The Return of the Living Dead, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Blair Witch Project, Suicide Club, Night of the Comet, Trick R Treat. 12. Who is your favorite horror character and why? Sam from Trick r Treat or Tarman from Return of the Living Dead. 13. If someone is interested in your work and wants to see more, where can they find you? Instagram: Burnzig Facebook: Burnzig Twitter (coming soon): Burnzig Etsy: Burnzig Twitch: Burnzig Website (coming soon): League of Legends/Apex Legends: Burnzig.

A TERRORIFFIC thanks to Burnzy for that horror tour through his killer art life! Hope you enjoyed the virtual rude horror peeps. Share, support and buy his art if you can when you can! You won’t want to miss my next catch, uh I mean guest coming soon. Well, whaddaya know, a full moon..Looks like Burnzy will be staying for dinner after all! (Crunches and Screams)

-Slaughter Cin

Check Out Burnzy's art below:

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