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Colorful chaos with Dark surreal artist: Vivien Szaniszlo

Gruesome greetings horror peeps. Happy October and welcome to another HEXciting

interview with your She-Wolf horror host, Slaughter Cin. Today’s creepy guest is a dark

artist that portrays morbid beauty. I am a big fan of her work personally and have been

DYING to introduce her to all my horror art lovers out there. So let’s get started before

it’s meal time and I’ll have to gobble this tasty morsel up!

1. Please introduce yourself, tell me where you’re from?

My name is Vivien Szaniszlo. I am a Hungarian dark surreal painter. I am currently living

and working in Hungary.

2. What kind of art do you specialize in and has this always been your medium of


I love to capture the darker side of the human soul and mind. I choose themes that are

somewhat disturbing and not so easy to describe. I do dark surreal art, with twisted

thoughts and chaotic meanings. I always try to paint something deep and meaningful.

Emotions and feelings are significant parts of my art.

My main specialty is oil painting but I love to work with watercolors and inks too. It

depends on my mood. I have always felt a connection with dark arts, but I spent almost

3 years in search of a style which is now my own. I think I found my way, but art is a

never-ending journey. I’m developing myself all the time until death. The creative

process is very important in the art life. It comes from my cells. I cannot stop it.

3. How long have you been an artist for? When did you start?

I loved to draw since I was a child. I painted for the very first time in my life at age 9. I

became a serious full-time artist about 3 years ago. In 2017, I started to paint new ideas

harder than ever before. 

4. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspirations come from my experiences. I had a dark period in my life 10 years ago,

so I collected all my strength, to continue my art adventure. I am so thankful for the bad

things in my life, because of it I could be who I am now. I have enough inspiration and

experiences to be an authentic voice in my works. I always tell the truth through my

paintings without any filter. 


I love to manifest sad things and feelings into my artworks. I tend to express hard things

on many levels. We can only appreciate the light if we recognize the darkness in our

soul. I was in darkness inside myself for a few years. I truly know what means to be walking in the dark forest of a mind. I can easily find inspiration from these things. I

would like to motivate and help others with these kinds of paintings. All my pieces mean

that hope never dies. We are fighters and survivors! Never give up the shine of your


5. What is your most favorite piece and why?

This is a very hard question..It is difficult to say. All my paintings are my children in a

special way. I put my soul and pieces of my heart into them all. I do not have a “most

favorite” painting.  Because it depends on my recent mood at any given time.  The

actual work reflects my recent feelings. I have art which is closer to me for some reason

because of the composition, or the theme… But I can’t pick any favorites.

6. Can you describe your art for us?

I love spiritual things…Bones and animals, and I love to paint women portraits. I really

believe we are more than just our body, our material maybe this is the reason

why I like to express mystical things in my art. I try to capture the fragile lines between

life and death, or afterlife. So I think I am a surreal painter. I work in macabre art and a

kind of dark surrealism. I express myself mostly through female portraits and complex

paintings of women usually using vivid colors to speak. I love to put dark twists in my

art. One of the most important things is for me to motivate people to think while

looking at my paintings. I like to pull them out from the monotonic comfort zones.

7. What are the price ranges of your art?

I sell prints and originals too, so in this case from $18 US up to $13.500 US

8. What are some of your future plans?

I have hopes and big dreams for my future. I would like to be a well-known artist in my

style.  I would like to make lots of solo exhibitions and I would like to meet with people

who have similar artistic vibes also. I would like to share my thoughts and experiences

through my works.  I really would love to travel around the world with my son. I would

love to create a bright future for him with my art. But one of my biggest dreams is to

have an exhibition in Paris. I love this city, but unfortunately, I’ve never been there. It

would be a great pleasure to bring my family there too, and show this amazing place to

them. I hope I can give happiness to people with my paintings.

9. What’s your favorite horror film?

I love many.  Some of my classic favorites are “Sleepy Hollow”, or “Nightmare on Elm

Street”, and “Shining”. From the new ones, I love Stephen King’s “IT” and “Carrie” but

“Doctor Sleep” was good too.

10. If someone wanted to find out more about you or purchase some of your art, where

can They find you?

Is she FANGtastic or what? Make sure you horror fiends check out her work! You won’t

be disappointed, she is truly TERRORiffic! Support her with a purchase and make sure to

follow her artistic horror adventures. Don’t forget to join us next week with my next

Killer guest “Cliff Wallace” the monster making Maestro! Thank you so much for

inviting us into your dark world Vivien. The full moon always sets the right setting for

my meals. Bye Bye Vivien (Screams followed by a huge CHOMP!)

Check out more of Vivien's art below:


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