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Meet Namaisa Hunswijk, The Makeup Artist Monster Girl

Gory Greetings my horror pals. Welcome to another HEXciting interview with your She-Wolf Hybrid Horror Host, Slaughter Cin. Now I’m “losing my head” over my next gruesome guest. She loves Creatures and monsters just as much as we do, and it shows...You’re probably DYING to know all about her, so here we go!

1. Tell us where you’re from and what you do.

I’m from a little village on the coast of The Netherlands, better know to a lot of people as Holland.

2. How long have you been a special effects makeup artist?

I’m a self taught artist, I first started about 7 years ago. That was nothing to serious, the simple things like, tissue paper and liquid latex haha.

3. What started your career?

Honestly, I have always loved movies and the one that made me want to know and learn is the move The Mask. But it would be many years later that i would try anything FX related.

4. Have you traveled for work? How far have you traveled if so? Have you ever done any projects in America?

Yes i have traveled! Twice to America and to England a couple of times and Italy. In 2018 i got to do FX demo’s for Thomas Surprenant at IMATS L.A. still hoping to be back and work on a big project.

5. Who or what is your inspiration?

My number one inspiration is my mother, she has always been creative(she’s wicked at drawing)and has always motivated me to keep creating.

6. What is your specialty?

That would be applying and painting. It’s great to see a wonderful appliance come a live.

7. Have you worked on any films? If so, what were they?

Unfortunately no, but i hope to in the future.

8. What are some the challenges you’ve faced in your career and how did/do overcome that?

To be honest, i’m always affraid that i’m not good enough or that i won’t be able to take on certain jobs because I live so far away. But i have learned and experienced that if you let your work speak for you and you ask your peers for advice thay they are more than willing to help and support you. Basically learn to believe in yourself and your skills.

9. What is your most memorable project and why?

That’s a hard one, either my self application demo at IMATS L.A or the time that i put my family and myself in FX and dressed us all up as Who’s for Christmas

10. Can you share some of your current or upcoming projects with us?

As you know, FX work is very expensive(worth every penny)but i’m working on a big project that involves self made costumes,sets etc so it is taking me some time to complete it. I’ll give you a little tease, it’s going to be sci-fi related haha

11. Name a few of your favorite horror films.

The Ring 1, All the Saw movies(SawIII mostly) The Amityville Horror, The Possession, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Child’s Play(and of course The Bride Of Chucky), Silent Hill...i could go on and on.

I’ll also add some video games: Outlast, Silent Hill(basically all of them), Resident Evil 7(in VR)

Suite 776 and if you can you still have to try the PT demo.

12. Who’s your favorite horror character?

Chucky, since it was the first scary character i saw in a movie.

13. If someone is interested in supporting you or finding out more about you where would they go?

You can follow me on Instagram: @MakeupByNamaisa

Or go to my Youtube channel:


Wow! Is she FANGTASTIC or what? Thank you for that KILLER interview Namaisa. Join us next week HTGers, for another creepy guest. Now, it’s time to join me for supper Namaisa... Except, you’re the main course. (Crunch)

Check out more of Namaisa's art below:

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