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Meet triple threat horror Queen, GerettaGeretta

Gory Greetings and welcome to another killer interview with an amazing women of color in horror. She’s an actress, writer and director. She starred in classic films like Demons, Terminator 2 and many more. Allow me to introduce my GOREgeous guest, GerettaGeretta! 1. Where you are from?

I am born North American but have lived half of my life outside of the United States; primarily in Italy, Switzerland and Costa Rica. Recently I lived off-and-on,  - in Japan. Kobé.

2. What or whom inspired you to pursue a film career?

Nothing really. I just ‘decided’ one day to try it. I went on many auditions (in New York) was awful but stuck to it. I began in Off Off Broadway.

3. What was your first big break in the industry?

 My first roll of any  note was in the late, poet and playwright Miguel Pinéro’s (‘ShortEyes') “MidNight Moon At The Greasy Spoon” at 'Theatre for The New City.’  The New York Times actually mentioned myself and my scene partner the brilliant actress; 'Roma Maffia’ - during the run  film director Susan Seidelman ('Desperately Seeking Susan') came to see the play as well and cast us both in her film “Smithereens" 

4. What was your most memorable moments in your career so far?

I dunno. But I suppose you’d all say playing “Rosemary” in “Demons", (Demoni) produced by Dario Argento and directed by Lamberto Bava.

5. Your career has taken you to various parts around the globe, based on your experience have you faced any difficulties as a women of color in this industry? Is there a difference on how you were treated in a foreign country versus America?

Outside of America no. 

6. What has been your biggest challenges in your profession and how have you overcome those challenges?

Being very poor isn’t fun. But when you do what you love and all your friends are in the same boat you kinda  ‘just get through it'. I have skills in many areas and honestly can and should do just about anything else for a ’successful economic career’ but I love this one and writing.  'C’e la vie’.

7. Demons is my absolute favorite Demon film of all time. Can you tell us how you landed that gig and your experiences working on set with Italian horror maestro Lamberto Bava. How long was your makeup application?

  The honest fact is it was ‘just another audition’ at the time. Of course,  I had no idea it would become what it did. I was in many films:  half I don’t even remember and thankfully so, probably. jajajaj. 

 My hands took about three hours a day and my face and hair another four. I actually only ’shot’ about 15 to maybe 30 minutes a day. They didn’t do a lot of takes. There was no CGI back then so frankly, you couldn’t ‘mess up’ or everyone - make up - lights- costumes other actors hair … props… would have to ’start all over’  Trust me. You don’t want be ’that person’ on any set. If you are asking why did it ‘feel like’ it was magic! 

They were young, we players were young. Italian sets are fun and  well organized. You get home at a decent hour. And the food is great. Plus… you are working with “maestros” … If like me you are very very lucky.  I still wasn’t, I think “very good’ yet as an actress so - obviously ’they brought it out of me.'

8. I’m very excited to speak about your upcoming project. Can you tell us more about it? I am in the process of developing a horror film with Lamberto Bava. And in the words of  Forrest Gump: “That’s all I have to say about that.” Unless you’re a distributor, naturally! Xoxox

Hope you all enjoyed my talk with this TERRORIFFIC guest and the HEXciting news she shared. I can’t wait to see the masterpiece Geretta Geretta and Lamberto Bava will be cooking up. If you’re a fan of Demons (like I was) then I’m sure you’re probably losing you’re heads right now anxiously awaiting this production. Thank you so much for joining me GerettaGeretta.


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