Nightmarish News 2/28/2018

MonsterPalooza- The time is approaching for the 10th anniversary of Monsterpalooza and if you haven’t booked your tickets, I advise you to do so pronto people. For those of you that don’t know about Monsterpalooza, it’s one of the fastest growing kick ass horror conventions in California. It’s gotten so big that it had to move from Burbank to any even larger venue space at the PASADENA CONVENTION CENTER April 13-15. This is the monster mecca featuring over 250 terrorific exhibitors, a monster museum (one of my personal faves), makeup demos from top special effects makeup artists(face off contestants), celebrities and tons of other gory greats. This year they are having a tribute to Rick Bake

Claymation Animation Zombie Film (2018) ADULT

One of the first 1500 successful Kickstarter campaigns in the UK. Reaching 60% over their goal. Dan of the Dead was Directed and Animated by Pete Ellis in his spare room. Peace is shattered and chaos reigns when Zombies strike in this apocalyptic thriller!! Dan, a recovering alcoholic is in hiding and taking a moment to realise what has just happened, whilst supping on a bottle of whisky. Dan’s moment of peace is disturbed when he is confronted by a brain thirsty zombie. He has to think on his feet and try his best to kill the zombie in the drunken state he has got himself into.

The Zombie Knight Saga - Volume One - Elegy for an Immortal By George M. Frost

A young man dies, and a grim reaper offers to revive him in exchange for servitude. Responsibilities include saving other people’s lives and occasionally fighting unspeakable horrors. But this particular young man already has a few problems of his own, such as crippling shyness. No, seriously. He can barely even speak to people. It's really bad. Takes place in the modern fantasy world of Eleg. This book includes the first three story arcs of the ongoing serial novel. Download Here About the Author

You Never Know What's Going to Come Through the Door By F.C. Schaefer

Everybody needs new clothes sooner or later, even the creatures of the night. But pity the poor sales clerk who has a vampire for a customer. No matter, in retail, you never know what's going to come through the door: maybe a shoplifter or an undead teenager who wants to buy the same sports coat he wore in 1959. If it is the latter, you're still going to be expected to greet him with a smile and make the sale. Even if it costs you your life. Download Here About the Author

The Devil's Due By M Purcell

The Devil comes to a small town on Halloween evening. Terror grips the town, and one young boy's Life will be changed forever. He is slowly tormented his entire life, until the day comes when he must fight for his immortal soul. The horror will have you on the edge of your seat as Donald Lemore tries to save his sanity, and avoid spending an eternity burning in hell. Download Here About the Author

They Don't Exist By J.R. Leckman

A young woman laughs it off when she's informed the room she's staying in for the night is haunted, because ghosts don't exist. Or do they? Download Here About the Author

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