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Top 10 Podcasts

Slaughter Cin has some tasty meals . . . uh . . . interesting guests on her podcast. Revisit or listen to them for the first time as the Horror Tour Guide presents the top 10 Podcasts as of October 29th, 2018.

Carl Paolino - Celebrity Death Match

What better way for Slaughter Cin to let off some steam than to have a death match with Carl Paolino - Animator on the world famous stop motion show "Celebrity Death Match."

Slaughter Cin thought Death House was a face food restaurant when she came across the director of the film. Though disappointed, she still had a good meal.

Vinny Carbone Paranormal Investigator

Slaughter Cin always wondered what happened to her victims after she digested them so she turned to a Paranormal Investigator.

Coffee Shop of Horrors - Florida

Coffee Shop of Horrors? Of course Slaughter Cin had to get her breakfast here.

With so many horror films under his belt, Slaughter Cin knew he would be tasty.

Ann-Maree Hurley Makeup Artist

Slaughter Cin decided to try multi-tasking by getting makeup tips with her lunch.

Wondering how her victims felt in their final moments, Slaughter Cin decided to visit the Terrorifer himself,

Being a huge fan of Friday the 13th fan, Slaughter Cin wanted to meet one of Jason's victims and who better than a Voorhees?

Bored with the so called Haunted Houses out there, Slaughter Cin decided to visit the owner of the most extreme hunt in America.

And the number 1 Podcast determined by hits on Horror Tour Guide website is . . .

Zane Wylie - Human Skull Sculpture

Looking to do her part to recycle, Slaughter Cin looks for a way to decorate the skulls of her victims.

Agree with our list? Is there someone you think would be tasty . . . interesting interview? Comment below and Slaughter Cin will consider it.

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