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Slaughter Cin has some tasty meals . . . uh . . . interesting guests on her podcast. Revisit or listen to them for the first time as the Horror Tour Guide presents the top 10 Podcasts as of October 29th, 2018.

10 - Carl Paolino

Carl Paolino - Celebrity Death Match

What better way for Slaughter Cin to let off some steam than to have a death match with Carl Paolino - Animator on the world famous stop motion show "Celebrity Death Match."

9 - B. Harrison Smith

Slaughter Cin thought Death House was a face food restaurant when she came across the director of the film. Though disappointed, she still had a good meal.

8 - Vinny Carbone

Vinny Carbone Paranormal Investigator

Slaughter Cin always wondered what happened to her victims after she digested them so she turned to a Paranormal Investigator.

7 - Coffee Shop of Horrors

Coffee Shop of Horrors - Florida

Coffee Shop of Horrors? Of course Slaughter Cin had to get her breakfast here.

6 - Dustin Ferguson

With so many horror films under his belt, Slaughter Cin knew he would be tasty.

5 - Ann-Maree Hurley

Ann-Maree Hurley Makeup Artist