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Final Destinations for Awful April

Welcome to the Horror Tour Guides Final Destinations. If you’re looking for your next horror fix, consider trying these terrifying trips.

1-As featured in our Nightmarish News, "Spook Show 6" is the way to go if you're looking for free horror event in California. It's in La Miranda, CA in front of the Halloween Club Super Store. Details are on our Calendar and info is located on our Nightmarish News Blurb.

2-Want to visit or live in Sandusky Ohio? There is a thrill experience for your attention. Ghostly Manor Thrill Center is a kick ass indoor phantasmal experience for you and your family to enjoy. They have escape rooms, mini golf, a haunted house and loads of other activities like the Lazer Tag Maze and skating.

3-Mutter Museum in Philadelphia is a college of physicians open to the general public. They have eerie exhibits and jaw dropping collections. Disturbing displays all in the name of health and science. Stories from the Brothers Grimm have been derived from a few of these cases. It's enjoyable, chilling and informative. Worth the trip!

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