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HTG Horror countdown 2022

Gory Greetings horror fans, Hope you guys are all having a Spooktacular year so far. I put together a killer watchlist for most anticipated upcoming horror films. Hope you enjoy your horror watch throughout the year. More to come. Until then, stay scary.

10. The Requin (2022)- A couple on a romantic getaway find themselves stranded at sea when a tropical storm sweeps away their villa. In order to survive, they are forced to fight the elements, while sharks circle below.

9. The People Under The Stairs (2022)- “The People Under the Stairs” follows a poor African-American boy roped into a robbery by a neighborhood thug, who is quickly punished for his criminal actions, leaving the young teenager to survive in a house of horrors on his own.

8.Final Destination (TBA)- As a group of first responders escape death’s grasp, they start to be killed by increasingly unlikely and killer mishaps

7. Knock At The Cabin (2023)- Following his haunting thriller, Old, divisive director M. Night Shyamalan has now revealed the title of his mysterious next project, Knock at the Cabin.

6. Nope (2022)- A new terror from the mind of Academy Award winner Jordan Peele.

5. Skull (Predator) (2022)- A skilled warrior from the Comanche Nation protects her tribe from a highly-evolved Predator.