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The Whaley House/Museum

2476 San Diego avenue in San Diego, California is the address of a home that has had its run throughout history. The original home of Thomas Whaley and his family was originally built on the cold graveyard of convicts. Thomas Whaley witnessed the hanging of Yankee Jim Robinson (a criminal) on the property where the house now stands. This execution did not deter Mr. Whaley from purchasing the property and building the first house in this town. A decision he might’ve regretted after a stream of untimely deaths following his residency with his family. This old house has a history of paranormal sightings with Yankee Jim’s ghost being the first sighting documented.

In 1880 his youngest son died of Scarlet fever at only 18 months. The grieving family had to endure yet another untimely death of their 22-year-old daughter who committed suicide by shooting herself due to the turmoil of feeling like an outcast after her husband left her on their wedding night. Various family members died at various points in time at this house. The house is a historic landmark. It has been everything from a store, to a movie theater to the towns courthouse. In the 1960’s the house was officially designated as a Haunted House by the United states commerce department. It is a historic landmark.

When I visited the house, it had an eerie charm. An old house with an old court still intact. The museum has managed to preserve most of it’s history. One of the most chilling things I witnessed were wreaths made from the hair of the dead. Although I personally had no account of seeing such things, there are albums of people who have with pictures to prove their paranormal encounter. One cannot deny the presence of something chilling while walking throughout the house. If you happen to capture something behind your lens, you can add it to the multitude of people who have documented and donated their pictorial contributions to the Whaley house Museums Album.

They offer a night tour which I most certainly look forward to experience on my next trip to San Diego. If you love haunted houses than this is a must see and do. There is also a nearby church with a creepy history as well.

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