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The Death House

Built in the 1850’s, Located on 14 W. 10th street in New York City (Manhattan) stands a 10-unit brownstone with an extremely dark past. It’s a place where heinous acts were committed, a pathway of torment for the deceased and an infestation of paranormal activity. It is notoriously named “The house of Death”. This residence has terrible tales affiliated with it’s history. The 22 deaths at the house is rumored to be the cause of the hauntings and sightings of over 20 ghosts witnessed by many. A few famous people have made this their home. One of the most notable spirits who have be sighted at his old dwelling place is none other than Samuel Langhorne Clemens aka Mark Twain (Author of Adventures of Tom Sawyer). Twain lived there for a year in 1900 before the conversion into apartments in 1937.

In 1957, Actress Jan Bryant Bartell and her husband moved here and resided in the last floor which was once the servants’ quarters at the house. From the moment she moved there she encountered the presence of many apparitions. It began with small sounds like footsteps then increased to events such as light passing brushes against her body and putrid long-standing odors coming from the floor boards. Finally, visual presence from the ghostly residents started to appear.

She experienced numerous sightings at her home. One specific encounter was with an entity, a large figure that followed her around her apartment. She described it as “a monstrous moving shadow”. She stated she touched it and it felt like a cold damp cloud of ether that froze her fingertips upon contact. She documented all her paranormal encounters and spiritual dilemmas in notes that her and her husband kept throughout the 12 years they lived there. After they moved, she claimed that evil followed her. She later died from mysterious circumstances just weeks after finishing her manuscript about the house. Her book “Spindrift: Spray from a Psychic Sea” was later published with the information she left behind. If you want to know more of her experiences at the house then the book is a must read.

Fast forward a little through the house’s haunted history and you will discover one of the most horrific crimes that ever took place at this location. This is the story of the living nightmare who resided at “The Death House.” In November 1987, a horrible child abuser, murderer and former New York criminal defense attorney, Joel Steinberg, was arrested and charged with first degree manslaughter for the deathly beating of his illegally adopted 6-year-old daughter, Lisa Steinberg. His wife (possible accomplice) who was also badly beaten, made the 911 call that revealed and led authorities to a despicable scene of torture, abuse and neglect. A baby covered in filth at the place survived. Sadly, 6-year-old Lisa Steinberg was found unresponsive, declared brain dead and died days later after being removed from the residence. I recall this story making headlines all over the news. This monster was later released in 2004.

“The Death House” has had claims for years of encounters with specters. There is also a rumored curse that is said to touch those that reside there. When I visited there, I couldn’t help to notice the big old creepy tree standing in front of it. It makes this building all that much creepier. Speaking of which, I also realized that the house is half vacant, barely occupied. Two whole floors completely empty. The overall property had a dark eerie feel. We posted pics of the visit but If you’re in or visiting NY, it’s worth the horror tour.

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