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GRIMREAPS69 top 10 Horror films recommend for the month of May.

Ok ladies and gems it's time for another top 10 recommend movie list by me The GRIMREAPS69 for the Mayday month yeah.

10. The evil. 1978

A doctor buys a Civil War era dilapidated mansion and hires a few friends to fix it up but the mansion is haunted.

9. Wicked Lake. 2008

Two clans of deranged males make the mistake of stalking four young women they assume to be easy prey, only to find out that at the stroke of midnight the tables will be turned and all hell will break loose.

8. Graduation Day. 1981

A masked killer begins murdering students on the school track team after a track runner dies upon completion of a 30 second 200-meter race.

7. The Gore Gore Girls. 1972

A young reporter enlists the help of a top notch private eye to solve the murder of a female stripper at a Chicago nightclub.

6. She Freak. 1967

Claire Brennen stars as a waitress who leaves the greasy-diner business for the excitement of the carnival. She quickly discovers that she despises freaks and human oddities.

Aliens who look like clowns come from outer space and terrorize a small town.

4. Street Trash. 1987

A liquor store owner sells alcoholic beverages to homeless people, unaware of what the bottles actually contain: toxic brew.

3. May. 2002

A lonely young woman traumatized by a difficult childhood and her increasingly desperate attempts to connect with the people around her is sent into a murderous tailspin.

2. Happy Birthday to Me. 1981

At the snobby Crawford Academy, Virginia's group of friends start to go missing years after horrible events that happened to her as a child around her birthday.

1. Mother's Day. 1980

Two brothers kidnap and brutalize three women for the pleasure of their demented mother.

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