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Top 11 HTG Interviews

Slaughter Cin has had some tasty meals since starting the Horror Tour Guide, here are the Top 11 treats she had where you never got to hear their cries for mercy or agony.

Peter Anthony Dorsey

In the mood for some new Friday the 13th Material, Slaughter Cin took on the Production Manager of the upcoming Friday the 13th Fan Made Film F-13 Vengeance.

Scott Smith

Learning that there were some actual Christian Horror Writers out there, Slaughter Cin had to learn more - well, learn enough before her appetite got the best of her.

Simon Sanchez

Considering it has been a while since she has read a comic what better snack . . . uh . . . better way to catch up with a Horror Comic Writer.

Finding Horror Filmmakers make the most tasty meals, Slaughter Cin visits one.

Valeska Griffiths

Fascinated with Valeska's work at the Anatomy of a Scream, Slaughter Cin knew she had to have her lunch and left overs for dinner.

David Teixeira

Happy to hear that David was making a sequel to his film Girls Night, Slaughter Cin knew David was going to be extra tasty.

Edith Match

Fascinated by her films, Slaughter Cin new she had to have a taste . . . find out more.

Alexis Noriega

Loving Alexis' work, Slaughter Cin wanted some wings of her own.

Impressed by Owen's determination to not let his disability stop him from achieving his dream, Slaughter Cin spoke with him and decided she wanted that same strength in her . . . her belly that is.

Amazed at how Rick's work looked so real she would have believed they were some of her victims, Slaughter Cin had to find out how it was done.

Eliot Kohek

This interview holds a special place in Slaughter Cin's stomach . . . uh . . . heart. Not only does this interview have the most hits of all the interviews she has done, but it is also holds the most hits of all the pages of Horror Tour Guide.

That is all we have for now, let us know who you would like to see Slaughter Cin Slaughter in her next interview.

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