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GRIMREAPS69 Top 10 Horror films recommend for 2019

2019 is looking good for horror flicks coming up that I am personally looking forward to.

There seems to be a mix of sequels, remakes and original films. So here's a small list of what's going to be in the theaters this year and I'm sure many of us will be waiting in line just to check them out.

10. Child's Play (unknown date)

9. Us (March)

8. Happy Death Day 2 You (February)

7. Polaroid (unknown date)

6. Three from Hell (unknown date)

5. The Gallows act II (August)

4. Annabelle 3. unofficial title (July)

3. Pet Sematary (April)

2. The Curse of la Llorona (April)

1. IT Chapter II (September)

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