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Slaughter Cins Top 5 sequels

HELLo horror peeps and welcome to your weekly recommendations for the top 10 horror sequels. Sequels are a funny thing for me because it’s usually the time where directors cash in on crap. Most already have a following because of the first so it’s a sure fire way to make box office. Even though some may have made the sales, a lot aren’t even worth the watch. These are my personal choices and sequels I feel make the cut for sure. Enjoy some gory fun.

5. Maniac cop 2 (1990) - Bruce Campbell’s role is short lived in the film. The film delivers some great kills and live action fun.

4. Fright night 2 (1988) - The first will always stand true but the sequel has its moments of dark comedy and vampiric fun.

3. Bride of Reanimator (1990) - I love this reanimator series and although my love for the first will always remain true, the Bride of reanimator has copious amounts of gore and horror fun.

2. Grave Encounters 2 (2012) - I’m not a big fan of found footage films but I was wickedly impressed with the first. I figured I’d give the sequel a chance and was not disappointed.

1. Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) - They took all the good stuff from part one and added it and then-some to the second part. The best in my opinion from the series.

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