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Frightful Fall Newsletter

Gory greetings Boils and ghouls. Welcome to another naughty newsletter. We are in my favorite

season and we are going to slay it right with some ghastly news for you. Slaughter Cin will be

speaking live tonight at 8pm EST on Make sure you tune in!

We hope you’ve been enjoying our horror reviews and killer interviews. This month we have a

killer lineup of Gruesome Guests. Make sure you check out our interview with “Cliff Wallace”

the Monster Making Maestro. You may have seen his work on some of the best horror films

released within the past 40 years!

Our numbers are sprouting and we are HEXcited! Thanks to all our wonderful followers out

there, our numbers have been climbing up the horror totem. Keep it coming! Stay tuned for

our next horror giveaway. We have some killer zombie prosthetic's coming your way! Contest

rules will be announced on Monday October 12, 2020.

Slaughter Cin will continue to deliver her video selections and horror recommendations. This

month, she’s kicking it up a notch with a horror shitlist! There is going to be a lot of surprises for you horror trick or treaters out there. Well, that’s it for now creepsters. Enjoy your upcoming Horrorday. Happy Halloween and stay safe!


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