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Final Destinations for Morbid March

Welcome to the Horror Tour Guides Final Destinations. If you’re looking for your next horror fix, consider trying these terrifying trips.

Return to Nuke Em High

1-We will start off the Morbid March Tour guide blog with Lloyd Kaufmans tour of Return to Nukem high (Nukem high 2) film. I’m a fan of his cheesy horror fliks. If you missed him in Florida. Fret not, He will be touring several states in the next few months. His next run will be California. His first screening will be on March 8 AHRYA fine arts in Beverly hills and March 9-15 NOHO 7. Be one of the first to watch the film and enjoy a Q&A with Lloyd Kaufman.

Zombie Lazer Tag

2-If you’re a New Yorker looking for a killer adventure, we highly recommend Indoor Extreme Sports. They have two locations one in Long Island City, NY and the other in Staten Island, NY. This is a haven for creepily cool laser tag games like the zombie laser tag and Asylum laser tag. They have tons of other experiences for you to lose your head over like escape rooms and paint ball. Check out their site, sign a waiver for your life and have all the bloody fun your ghoulish heart desires.

3-If you happen to be in Florida looking for monsters and golf, what better way to enjoy an experience that combines the two. It’s called Monster Mini Golf. A fearful fluorescent home to an indoor mini golf and game experience. They have several locations in South and Central Florida. Frightful fun rain or sun.

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