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Top 5 Horror Musicals

Hey boils and ghouls,

I’m back with a different list this time. Let’s face it, I hate sappy sing songy musicals. But, there have been a few musical horror gems that has caught my eye. I gave you my top five faves. Watch them if you dare.

5. The happiness of the Katakuris- is a Dark comedy directed by Japanese director Takashi Miike. You won’t be disappointed with what this dysfunctional family has to offer.

4. Phantom of the paradise- Has all the elements of a cheesy classic that you will love!

3. Sweeney Todd- Meat pies meets Tim Burton in this morbid cannibalistic musical starring Johnny Depp.

2. Repo the genetic opera- The singing for the most part was horrible but the gore and effects sure make up for it. Paris Hilton’s botch job was the best.

1. Little shop of horrors (remake) The original with Jack Nicholson is a fun watch as well. But the songs in the remake stick in your head. The “Alien Plant” story, has always been a great story. Throw in a villainous dentist like Steve Martin and you have a dark comedy that will withstand the hands of time.

Hope you liked the list of Horror Musicals. Unlike me, this review was short and sweet! Until next time horror peeps. -Stay Scary Slaughter Cin

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