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Slaughter Cins World Horror Top 5

Gory Greetings horror peeps and welcome to another Top 5 from your She-Wolf horror host, Slaughter Cin. I wanted to add a bit of my Latin horror spice to this selection. I took a brief horror screen trip around the globe and found this 5 horror gems I simply must recommend to my Fellow horror fans. Grab your skelevision and happy haunting

5. House (1977, Japan) This film is crazy and weird but ahead of its time. Not bad for an experimental horror/comedy film from 1977. This one is real trippy but guaranteed to keep your eyes pasted to the screen.

4. The Canal (2014, Irish) this horror/psychological thriller was a fun watch for me. It’s filled with some bloody creepy revelations and great acting. Has very twisted scenes...Take a watch if you dare!

3. Aterrados (2017, Spain) Having to deal with one haunting is one thing but what happens when a whole neighborhood has the same disturbances from violent dark forces? One of my faves that I recently found. Would’ve been my first choice had it not been for peaking of sound during stings. Still worth the watch!

2. The nightshifter (2018, Portugal) This film had such a great story and eerie feel. It’s a creepy must watch with a great setup.

1. Jeeg Robot (2015, Italy) I absolutely love, love, love this horror criminal turned superhero “Brightburn” meets “The Professional” mashup. The name isn’t the best for this film but when you give it a go, you’ll be glad you did.

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